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Fast Forward



direction & text

Salim Djaferi

How do you say “colonisation” in Arabic? Colonial history is a source of inspiration for this play, Victor Klemperer’s LTI is another.

more about the artist

“The Seine flows through Paris and the Mediterranean through France”, was once the geopolitical tenet of French colonial power: directed against the Algerian population fighting for independence, whose country had been colonised from 1830 onwards and declared French territory from 1848 on. In the Second World War, Algerians fought alongside the French army against fascist Germany. After the end of the war, the motto “Down with fascism and colonialism!” captured their fight for freedom.
In Salim Djaferi’s impressive performance KOULOUNISATION, language is the central theme. By means of translation, multilingualism, the knowledge and the stories of the various people he spoke to, Djaferi makes words speak, reveals their tactics and explosive potential, and penetrates deep into the essence of the concept of “colonisation”: until the edifice of this model of power stands physically before our eyes. Djaferi’s examples come from the connected history of Algeria and France. His sources of inspiration also include Victor Klemperer’s LTI, the Dresdner philologist’s analysis of the Third Reich and the poison of a “language that is a poet and a thinker for you.”

Salim Djaferi, b. 1984, studied Acting at the Royal Conservatory of Liège in Belgium. As an actor and co-author, he has worked in plays by Sanja Mitrovic, Elena Dorassiotto and Benoît Piret, and Adeline Rosenstein. KOULOUNISATION is his first own piece of work for the theatre with which he has toured in Belgium, France and internationally since 2021. In collaboration with euro-scene Leipzig, Fast Forward is now presenting its German premiere.

Concept & Performance Salim Djaferi

Stage Adaptation Delphine de Baere Creative Assistance Clément Papachristou Dramaturgical Advice Adeline Rosenstein Contributing Writers Marie Alié, Nourredine Ezzaraf Scenography Justine Bougerol, Silvio Palomo Lighting Design & Stage Management Laurie Fouvet Production, Distribution & Surtitle Operator Habemus Papam, Cora-Line Lefèvre Photos Thomas Jean Henri, Marie-Valentine Gillard (Portrait Salim Djaferi)

Coproduction Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Le Rideau de Bruxelles, l’Ancre – Théâtre Royal de Charleroi
With the support from the Claude Étienne writing grants and of the SACD, La Chaufferie-Acte1, Bellone-Maison du Spectacle (BXL / BE), Théâtre des Doms, Théâtre Episcene & Zoo Théâtre

Thanks go to Aristide Bianchi, Camille Louis, Kristof van Hoorde & Yan-Gael Amghar

The performances takes place with the kind support from Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

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