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Fast Forward

Message from Tyler - Memento mori, Kirsikkatarha


Message from Tyler - Memento mori, Cherry Orchard

direction & text

Minna Lund

Five brothers and sisters of FIGHT CLUB cult figure Tyler Durden let loose on Anton Checkhov’s CHERRY ORCHARD.

more about the artist

In her final play for her Master’s in Directing at the Finnish Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Minna Lund crosses American pop culture with the European theatre canon and invites the audience into a boxing ring of contradictory themes and staging. For this, she turns Tyler Durden, the ambivalent character construction from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel FIGHT CLUB (well-known from David Fincher’s film adaption with Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter), into a performance principle, into an alter ego for a five-person ensemble: following in the footsteps of Tyler’s anticapitalistic revolt and self-appointed role as a kind of guru, they then take a deep dive into Anton Chekhov’s CHERRY ORCHARD. By using material from Chekhov, memories, emotions and the poison of nostalgia come into play. This is a legacy riddled with mixed feelings, suggesting this generation’s lack of sense for the future that will leave the next generation with little more than the threat of collapse. How far will these young people get with the Tyler principle? How far will they get with a world that they would still like to wish for? One thing at least is clear to everyone: “It’s gonna hurt.”

Minna Lund, b. 1991, already has a Master’s degree in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art. She is currently completing her second Master’s in Theatre Directing at the Finnish Theatre Academy in Helsinki. She is interested in exploring a freer and unorthodox way for the audience to experience performances. Her driving force is seeking artistic maximalism, intensity and pleasure on stage.

With Veera Anttila, Ville Hilska, Juhana Hurme, Milla Kaitalahti, Anna-Sofifia Tuominen

Text & Direction Minna Lund

Dramaturgy Martta Jylhä Scenography Riku Suvitie Costumes Hilla Ruuska Sound Design Axel Ridberg Lighting Design Rasmus Strandell Make-Up Anu Reijanen, Tatjana Richter Photos Pate Pesonius, Veikko Timonen (Portrait Minna Lund)

Coproduction Master’s Programme Directing at Theatre Academy Helsinki, Q-Teatteri Helsinki

Martta Jylhä’s journey to the Fast Forward Festival has been partly funded by TelepART – Mobility Support Programme of the Finnland-Institut.

Koulounisation Woyzeck
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