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I’m Still Excited!


direction & text

Mário Coelho

Desire and suffering of a failed love: chaotic, impulsive, risky, double-edged and with musical interludes.

more about the artist

The director and writer’s description of his play is short: “It’s a story of ‘boy meets girl’ and ‘girl meets boy’, which is about the end of a relationship between two people, with a party in the background, which is the rehearsal of a play at the same time. Saying any more would ruin the surprise. You’re invited to celebrate the birthday of Immobile Body, so Her, so Rita. Bring some food or presents, and maybe I’ll shed a tear at the end of the night. Or maybe not. It’s my party and I’ll do what I want. – Mário Coelho.”
I’M STILL EXCITED! is a post-love labyrinth, a stage for two – believe it or not – equal gladiators, impulsive, ostentatious, flowery, ambivalent, chaotic, risky, a show without a staircase, a psychoanalytic look at Hollywood love stories, pop and mainstream culture, an attempt, a fight, despair, an attempt to do it better, four heads and eight handfuls of unpredictability and – believe it or not – a declaration of love to acting, including to those present on stage.

Mário Coelho, b. 1994, studied Acting at the School for Theatre and Film in Amadora. He created his first pieces in apartments and off-theatres without any funding. In 2021, he received the Emerging Artists Prize for young artists under 30 awarded by AEGEAS Insurance and the D. Maria II. National Theatre. I’M STILL EXCITED! is his third professional work as a director and writer.

With Anabela Ribeiro, Mário Coelho, Rita Rocha Silva, Pedro Baptista

Text & Directon Mário Coelho

Lighting Design Mário Coelho Video Mário Coelho, Silvestre Correia Creative Assistance & Surtitle Operator Mariana Guarda Production Management Leonardo Garibaldi Photos Alípio Padilha, Filipe Ferreira (Portrait Mário Coelho)

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