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Goodbye, Lindita


direction & text

Mario Banushi

A goodbye forever and a final journey into an enigmatic, poetic universe without words.

more about the artist

What does it mean to let someone go? To accept that someone is gone? To celebrate it? Is it true that death no longer has a “place” in modern societies? Do we need more space for death? Or rather for life, for what we feel when dealing with loss? More space to grieve?
In GOODBYE, LINDITA, Mario Banushi creates a cosmos in the theatre, a world that comes from our everyday lives and yet leads us deep into the unknown and the intuitive, into the mysterious and emotional, into its own poetic realm, in which those who must part get to spend a little more time together. In a play without words, it’s the images, the lighting, the music, the performers on stage that create a space, a story for what cannot be expressed in words, a dramaturgy of the ineffable and the invisible. Banushi works with his own experience of loss, with his Albanian roots, the culture that shaped him, as well as the culture of Greece, the place he grew up.

Mario Banushi, b. 1998, studied Acting at the Athens Conservatory; he works as a performer, director and writer for film and theatre. In 2022, he staged RAGADA, the first part of a trilogy, the second part of which, GOODBYE, LINDITA, premiered at the Greek National Theatre in Athens in March 2023 and concluded with TAVERNA MIRESIA: MARIO, BELLA, ANASTASIA during the Athens Epidaurus Festival in July 2023.

With Mario Banushi, Babis Galiatsatos, Alexandra Hasani, Erifili Kitzoglou, Katerina Kristo, Helene Habia Nzanga, Vassiana Skopetea, Chryssi Vidalaki

Direction Mario Banushi

Dramaturgy Sophia Eftychiadou Scenography & Costumes Sotiris Melanos Music Emmanouil Rovithis Lighting Design Tasos Palaioroutas House Dramaturgy Aspasia-Maria Alexiou Technical Direction George Gizas Production Management Efi Panourgia Production National Theatre of Greece, Athens Photos Theofilos Tsimas, Afroditi Kapokaki (Portrait Mario Banushi)

The performances are supported by a Performance Exchange grant of the European Theatre Convention, in the frame of its TRANSFORMATIONS-programme, co-funded by the European Union.

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